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Berkeley Art Center at night.
Berkeley Art Center at night.

Had the opportunity to visit the ARRAY exhibit at the Berkeley Art Center, which is tucked away in a small grove of tall trees.  It was packed on opening night and well supported by an eclectic community.  The annual member non-juried show is never a disappointment and this year’s theme had a different twist.  Artist and Curator Weston Teruya will select artists from ARRAY to be displayed in a follow-up exhibit titled FEATURE.  This added to the traffic jam of the evening making the art very difficult to view.  After squeezing my way through the masses and waiting patiently to view works: pieces emerged and peaked interest.

Comforting and uniformed light.
Light and shadows…

There’s something comforting about glowing and intricate objects.  Artist Yana Goldfine’s Lumen made of woven steel and porcelain shined.

Don't mess with me.
Don’t mess with Cockrill.

Bruce Cockrill’s Gnomen 1 steel sculpture proudly guards the electrical socket.  From his Etsy website: “I have won numerous awards throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area my work has been exhibited in the renowned Oakland museum, Richmond art center, Alameda County Fair and has been seen on KTVU channel 2 television and in newspapers and magazines.”

Part of the family.
Part of the family.

Liz Maxell’s Sisters comprised of oil, ink and resin on wood panel exerts a quiet confidence.

Good art comes in all shapes and sizes.
Beyond the square format.

Jane Norling’s In Relation to Chance 13 is an oil on panel and inkjet on aluminum.  From her website: “Jane Norling is a California artist whose paintings and digital artworks express the power of nature to connect the individual to the universal.”

Elusive artist and photo.
Elusive artist, photo, and memory.

Brad Steiner’s The Muggel Tower (from the series Golden Age), a digital print intrigued and demanded investigation.  Unfortunately, it was displayed high and a crowded venue made lingering difficult.  The image resonated and information about the artist via web research is nonexistent.

Together we stand.
Together we stand.

My piece JBI.9.13.19109, an acrylic installation casts shadows with its fellow compadres including artist Klari Reis to the right.

Taking photos of art attracted some interesting attention.  One person asked if I was a buyer, another inquired if my occupation included being a writer, and an individual requested a studio visit.  Some artists want advice, exposure, and fame for free lacking the please or thank you.  The mission of BAC is to “…serve the diverse and creative citizens of this unique regional area, through the presentation of visual art exhibitions and related programs that are relevant, engaging, and inspiring.”  Despite the mania, the quality of art delivers.  Making the visit worthwhile year after year.

ARRAY is on display from Dec. 5th– Jan. 5th, 2014 at the Berkeley Art Center, 1275 Walnut Street, Berkeley, CA.

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