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One with the art...
One with the art…

It’s hard to believe that there’s only 8 days left in the Patterns exhibit and residency at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.  The experience has included training seven interns, working on a large-scale drawing, engaging guests, and artist talks to students age 3 to 86.  The month long event has exceeded all expectations and calmed all fears.

Last week, I shared writings from interns about the concept of patterns and its impact on their lives.  This week, have additional writings from two dynamo explorers who are starting their journeys into the world as artists.  Here are their stories:

Taylor Gmahling is painter, artist, student, and intern.
Taylor Gmahling is a painter, artist, student, and intern.

I am a 21-year-old senior at San Francisco State University studying to complete a dual emphasis bachelor’s degree, combing art history and studio art.  I transferred to the school and city just a year ago from Solano Community College, after studying for a semester in Florence, Italy. I have a passion for art and travel.  I hope in the future to work in a field that requires knowledge and practice of both. I am delighted by the opportunity to be a de Young artist studio intern this semester and work with so many talented and interesting people.

When the artist in residence, Jenny Balisle, asked me about patterns a number of things crossed my mind: images of Andy Warhol’s pop art, instructions in my studio classes to use repetition, odd numbers and the rule of thirds, fabric in textiles, elementary school worksheets and colored blocks. I quickly realized when I was asked to think about my experience with pattern it was everywhere. Pattern is how we are taught and repetition is how we remember.  The beauty of working with patterns in art is the freedom to exaggerate, minimize, distort and interrupt them at will.

Lauren Strom-Berg, student, artist, and fashion star.
Lauren Strom-Berg, student, artist, and fashion star.

Hello, my name is Lauren Strom-Berg.  Originally from the Bay Area, I have just moved back to San Francisco from Spain, where I spent the last year studying. I am currently in my last year at San Francisco State University, working towards a BA in art history and studio art with a minor in Spanish. I am really passionate about art research and plan to continue my studies in that area after graduation.  Right now, more than ever before, I feel really motivated to explore and expand my personal art practices. Most of my studio experience is in drawing and painting, but I have recently been learning about digital video and am discovering that it is something I am extremely interested in pursuing.  This year, I am so genuinely thrilled to have the opportunity to learn and work intimately with local artists at the de Young.

When asked about pattern, my thoughts immediately went to the intricate intertwining lines in Jenny’s detailed ink drawings and dynamic acrylic sculptures.  I think pattern is most commonly understood as something visual–in art, architecture, landscaping, city planning or nature.  Searching my brain for something different, I remembered a conversation I once had with my father in which he revealed that he had learned to recognize patterns in his life.  These were repetitive patterns that one is prone to falling into in terms of relationships, decisions, habits or attitudes.  I just thought the concept of patterns in life was fascinating and that the ability to recognize your own patterns could only facilitate personal growth and the potential for positive change.

Teaching a young female artist "how" to draw.
Teaching a young female artist “how” to draw.

Overall, my hope is that visitors (and students of all ages) take the time to discover patterns everyday and its personal connection within our lives.  Here are the top three patterns of the week:

Dona's wonderful lines...
Dona’s wonderful lines…
Patterns done on date and artist unknown.
Patterns from date and artist unknown.
Clark from S.F. on 9/20/13.
Clark from S.F. on 9/20/13.

The opening is September 27th, 6-8 pm at the de Young Museum’s Kimball Education Gallery in San Francisco.  Be ready to investigate, explore, and share.  See you there!

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