Install My Mind

Patterns postcard.
Patterns postcard.

Dotting my “i’s” and crossing my “t’s” as the deadline becomes closer.  Early next week is the installation for the de Young museum artist in residency.  Been preparing for this opportunity for years, but time has gone by fast and the moment is shortly around the corner.  Why are there only 24 hours in a day?

Waiting to be displayed.
Waiting to be displayed.

For an artist, prepping before an exhibit includes making sure the pieces are ready for display with proper wire/hangers, edges appear clean, and the surface is ready for the storage racks.  Paperwork comes into play with consignment information and artwork descriptions.  Once the work is ready, it’s picked up, delivered or shipped.  Once out of my sight, must release all control of where and how the art will be displayed or treated.

Reference books and supplies for the residency.
Reference books and supplies for the residency.

The de Young requested an Installation Request Form for the preparators to look over.  They wanted to make sure nothing brought into the museum would infect or harm the artworks.  Hopefully, my art will be the only parasite to contaminate or inspire visitors.  Part of the process included figuring out where to hang pieces to support the concept aesthetically within the exhibition space.  Making sure that the wall will be reinforced or ceiling bar bracket would be able to hold my installations was an important piece of the puzzle.  Falling pieces of art onto visitors, isn’t a good idea.

On strike.
On strike.

Part of the preparation for de Young has included writing, writing, and writing that my hands have now decided to go on strike.  However, I don’t have a union or negotiator working on my behalf.  Maybe in another life (sense the cynicism?).  For the de Young, wrote artwork descriptions that will be on the wall and for interactive QR codes.  So when my students complain about writing or declare that their art should speak for itself- think again!  Writing might seem like a chore but it’s like wearing a warm snuggie (sleeved blanket) at a San Francisco Giants baseball game on a cold summer evening.

Preparation for this exhibit and residency ranks in the top three in blood, sweat, tears, and testing of endurance.  Gave it my all, then some, and the grey hairs are proof.  Maybe I should try swimming across the Pacific Ocean to Japan next?   Perhaps in a future life but will take a plane in this one.  However, no complaints here: good busy is better than bad.

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