Sneak Peak 2

The countdown has begun: 17 days to go.  No need to worry.  The new retrofitted Bay Bridge is scheduled to “open” on September 3rd, after 4 days of traffic nightmare closure.  To close for comfort, this is the same day of the de Young museum install and with fingers crossed- hoping everything runs smoothly.  For the last few years, have been preparing, planning, and working on works for the September artist in residency.  As part of a sneak peak of what will be on displayed, wanted to share the inspiration behind a large acrylic installation. The medium is part of my practice including ink drawings and painting.  In order to keep the mind fresh and inspiration honest, have to investigate other mediums instead of watching oil paint dry.

JBI.6.13.1248439, 24x84x39 inches, Acrylic
JBI.6.13.1248439, 24x84x39 inches, Acrylic.

JBI.6.13.1248438 stands tall at 84 inches.  The 144 feet tower structure of the de Young museum designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron dominates the landscape at Golden Gate Park.  As a result, the above sculpture is influenced by the pattern of the twisting and turning of the tower’s materials.

The Tower.
The de Young museum tower.
View from the top.
Panoramic view from the top.

At the tower’s top, the Hamon Education Tower Observation Deck allows visitors to view the museum and park from above like a bird or the fog’s perspective.  The tower named after late philanthropist Nancy Hamon, former owner and president of Oil Hamon Operating Company, is devoted to education.  According to The Dallas Morning News, Hamon: “You can become a recluse, or you can become the village drunk — or you can try to get out and make the world a little better.”

Louise Nevelson's Black Moon.
Louise Nevelson’s Black Moon.

Louise Nevelson’s Black Moon made of wood, paint, and nails- inspired the sculpture also.  It stands stoically similarly as the museum’s tower projecting strength and stability.  From the de Young: “Drawing on the fusion of faces and glyphs that appears in the monumental Maya limestone column at Quirigua, Guatemala, and also in the famous Aztec Sun Stone in Mexico City, the totemic Black Moon resonated with the Abstract Expressionists’ interest in archetypes and successfully bridged the philosophical divide that separated abstraction and figuration during the 1950s.  Nevelson’s resurrection of cast-off wood boxes, chairs, manhole covers, etc., also offers an object lesson about the transformation power of art.”

Nancy Hamon and Louise Nevelson are examples of strong women who loved and dedicated their lives to the arts.  As a result, my sculpture stands proudly and lyrically trying to capture a piece of their spirit.  Nevelson: “When you are centered, people can’t control you because they are your reflection.  By the same token, you are their reflection.”   Being centered also means that a person has done everything possible within their physical and intellectual capacities to be their best or enlightened self.

Standing tall...
Standing tall…

With the recent passing of my loyal studio mate and golden retriever Trout, have decided to display his photo near my working area at the de Young.  This will help “center” and guide like a bridge over water.  He guards and rests with the exhibited pieces of art.  Trout will be in the good company of caregivers, great artists, and supporters like Louise Nevelson and Nancy Hamon…

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