293,000 Square Feet

From the outside of the de Young museum...
From the outside of the de Young museum…

This upcoming September 4th-29th, I’ll be an artist-in-residence at the de Young museum’s Kimball Education Gallery in San Francisco.  Being methodical, precise, and an anal-retentive artist, I’ve been planning for some time for the opportunity.  Will do my best to make the exhibit the finest possible.  An artist friend of mine declared “…no one will care about your art more than you.”  Consequently, understood that message loud and clear.

During the residency, I’ll be exploring the patterns of the de Young museum through its artwork, architecture, and beautiful park setting.  The diversity of the collections ranges from a ceremonial mask created in Mabuiag Island, Australia to Andy Goldsworthy’s Drawn Stone.  It will be difficult and enjoyable to research and edit inspirations down to a workable number within the 293,000 square feet museum.

A peak inside the gallery...
A peak inside the gallery…

The stunning architecture of the museum was conceived by the dynamic Swiss firm of Herzog & de Meuron.  Adelyn Perez of arch daily: “Known for their experimentation with materials in their designs, Herzog and de Meuron contributed a modern structure that allows original artifacts to remain, works successfully as a museum, and is a monument in its area just like the original museum.  Their choice of natural materials, such as copper, wood, stone, stone, and glass allows the design to become part of the land it occupies.  The landscape design includes pathways that lead into the four entrances of the museum, allowing visitors to enter from any side of the building.  Inside, wood flooring and finishes create a warm atmosphere that lead visitors from room to room.  Large ribbon windows continuously remind art lovers of their exterior surroundings, blurring the lines between inside and outside.”  No doubt, the lines of the museum will inspire the drawings created during my residency.

Kimball Education Gallery
Kimball Education Gallery

Recently, had the opportunity to photograph reference images of the architecture, artwork, and Kimball Education Gallery.  Met with Dana Morrison who is the de Young’s Museum Educator of the Public Programs and Cynthia Inaba of the Docent Council Office.  Had a list of questions that both women graciously took time to answer.  Wanted to know if I could hang installations from the ceiling or wall, the opening/closing dates, how much time was available for the install, and other useful information.  Details are everything.

May artist-in-residence Lenora Lee.
May artist-in-residence Lenora Lee.

From the de Young’s website in regards to the residency: “This program enables museum visitors to meet artists and gives artists an opportunity to work with the public.  By watching an artist work, talking with an artist, and engaging in art-making activities, visitors will learn more about various techniques and processes, thus gaining a greater understanding and appreciation for the art on view at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.”  Have a feeling this opportunity will forever change the perspective of my art practice and attitude.  The inspiration will most likely transcend the walls and sheer scale of the museum.  If my art motivates and engages one person, it will be a success…

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  1. Wow, very exciting. Looking forward to coming along and interacting if that’s ok … would love to know what you have planned for the residency.

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