A month ago, I wrote a blog entry titled AN EXHIBITION THAT WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS (  It was inspired by a “vanity” venue that has relentlessly emailed me numerous times over the years with interest not in my art but money.  A vanity venue is an exhibition that charges artists to display work and makes most of their profit from artist fees instead of public sales.  FYI, when a wave a cynicism comes over me in today’s entry, this warning will appear: CYNICISM ALERT.

Since my last entry, I received additional emails from the venue with my name misspelled on the same sales pitch letter.  Fed up and disgusted by another “spam” from the artist blood-sucking venue, I questioned their sincerity.  Quoting from the offender’s letter: “The International Selection Committee of the EXHIBITION THAT WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS have given their approval to your artistic production and, for this reason, would like to extend the opportunity to take part in the EXHIBITION THAT WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS that will be held in the historic whatever sounds good to get your money…”

Since the committee has given the approval to my artistic production, I should be able to pick the pieces for exhibit.  Right?  CYNICISM ALERT: Hey artists, if you’re paying the bill then you should choose what will be displayed at the venue.  Time to get empowered!  Doubting the exhibition’s standards, the venue will most likely display anything to get cold hard cash.

To prove my theory, a continuation in discussion with the predators was in order.  In the first email response from the vanity exhibit, the venue only wanted to display my paintings.  I sent a follow-up email stating that my drawings and installations were only available for the exhibit.  Of course they said yes to that request, they want my money.  As a result, I sent them an email informing the AN EXHIBITION THAT WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS of a new series of photographs based on vanity consumption and the lengths predators will go through to achieve “success” titled: Hot Mess.

This was a sample image of my new “series”:

A Hot Mess...
A Hot Mess

Did the vanity venue bite at this amazing opportunity to exhibit my photos?  Well, so far no response after several emails.  CYNICISM ALERT: Could they be sick of my “spam”?  Don’t they know the doggie poop photos will make me famous in the EXHIBITION THAT WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS.  How dare they not respond!  My “photos” are just as legitimate as the “opportunity.”

But wait, the sales pitch emails will continue because I’m just another artist in a sea of potential profits.  CYNICISM ALERT: This saga will continue like the Twilight movie franchise, and never die, and go away.  Here’s to AN EXHIBITION THAT WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS PART 3

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