My Weathered Proposition…

Paintings far from the cold.
Paintings “far” from the cold.

I’m weak and not used to the cold weather in the Midwest.  Even though born and raised in Wisconsin, snow and the frozen tundra conspire against my mental and physical health.  After living in California for the last twelve years, 50 degrees is scarf and gloves weather.  When I arrived in Milwaukee on late Monday evening, it was a blissful -25 degrees.  As a result, it was a shock to my system, fingers, toes, and nose.

Anyways, I made the trip back for an art exhibit at the University of Minnesota’s Larson Art Gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Norton Fine Art Handling out of Emeryville, CA crated and shipped paintings, pen and ink drawings, and sculptures to the gallery.  The exhibition titled My Weathered Proposition also featured local artist Jill Bezecny.  The gallery is named after Paul Whitney Larson who was Director of the University of Minnesota’s Student Union and was known for his deep passion and appreciation for the arts.

My Weathered Proposition...

From the gallery’s blurb: “Both Jenny Balisle and Jill Bezecny call out for an answer — an answer from you.  Through artistic proposition, both women seek to inspire in their audiences an individually unique response initiated by the artists’ visual propositions.  While Balisle draws from her own spiritual experiences, layering color and texture upon canvas in order to capture very private moments, Bezecny often employs the use of found and repurposed objects in her paintings which explore the physicality of age, both authentic and imitated.  Through the utilization of distinct methods, these two artists seek to create personal meaning for viewers with the rare authorization of autonomous interpretation of their artwork.”

My "Weathered" Proposition...
My “Weathered” Proposition…

The gallery surprised with its central location and access to students and the community.  It’s also situated near a beautiful theater and sitting area.  As a result, visitors were able to spread out and enjoy the art from different perspectives.  Some exhibition spaces are crowded due to limited room, no windows and views, Larson Art Gallery avoids that conundrum.

Room to breathe...
Room to breathe.

Yes this is going to be cheesy to say BUT even though the weather outside was indeed frightful, the staff at the gallery was very warm and delightful.  Making the trip worthwhile and not a weathered proposition but memorable adventure…

The exhibit will be on display from Jan.24th– February 23rd at the Larson Art Gallery located in the St. Paul Student Center, 2017 Buford Ave., St. Paul, MN.

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