Paths Intersected

Paths Intersected at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art...
Paths Intersected at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art…

Last week, I was at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art to install an exhibit, participate in an artist talk, and mingle at the opening.  The drive from the San Francisco bay area is about 4 hours in length on the beautiful edge of the coast featuring glowing green hills scattered with cows, coyotes, creatures, and wineries.  Well worth the trip for the art and ocean views.

Prior to the exhibit, I had to prep the artwork to be ready for shipment and write a script for the audio tour for museum visitors.  Tuesday January 2nd was a day of installing artwork which included a drawing on a 42×360 inches paper roll.  It was somewhat of a challenge to install the paper roll securely due to having the incorrect pins for plaster walls.  Fortunately, the installers had pins that were durable and able to hold the drawing without cracking or breaking off.

14x324 inches Pen and Ink Drawing on a 42x360 inches Paper Roll Installation
JBD.12.12.114324, 14×324 inches Pen and Ink Drawing on a 42×360 inches Paper Roll Installation

An acrylic installation featuring over 25 pieces creating a 70-inch in diameter circle was included in the exhibit.  It took my husband and I to install the piece about 6 hours.  My intention was to have the piece be a “finished” size of 60 inches with a range up to 80 inches.  Once putting the pieces within the painted grey circle, the placement changed with some installations to achieve a sense of harmony.  On the other hand, my paintings are easier to to install but finding the perfect location can take time.

70 inch circular Acrylic Installation featuring over 25 pieces...
70 inch circular Acrylic Installation featuring over 25 pieces…
JBP.1.9.18484, Layers of Oil Paint, Mediums on Wood Panel, 84x84 inches
JBP.1.9.18484, Layers of Oil Paint and Mediums on Wood Panel, 84×84 inches

There was an artist talk prior to the art opening on January 4th which featured myself and artist Gail Lapins.  She is from Cambria and exhibited bronze sculptures that were figurative and narrative.  As a result, a common aesthetic thread between our works was a circular element which wasn’t intentionally planned.  This made the conversation between the pieces interesting and create a sense of unity.  In addition, the museum painted accent colored walls of dark grey and mustard with two circular elements that framed the exhibit from start to finish.

According to the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art press release: “Two artists, working in their studios, unaware of each other, independently create two bodies of art.  That art is then put together in a gallery and a conversation begins.  We visit the confined space to witness the intersection, and it is our role to observe if the dialogue is convergent or divergent.  We, the viewer, are able to discover if the two artists, working independently of one another, are able to strike a harmonic chord.”

The exhibit will be on display from January 4- February 10, 2013.

A path less traveled...
A path less traveled…

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