2013 and beyond...
2013 and beyond…

December 21st was supposed to be the end of the world according to the ancient Mayan calendar and its 5,125-year cycle.  We survived and another year has gone by.  What will 2013 have in store?  Maybe an apocalypse, a fiscal cliff, a politician sex scandal, or even better another reality television star gets married, shows off a baby bump, and/or gets busted for drunk driving.

As for our future finances, MoneyWatch of CBS News predicts: “Stocks will rise- 70% percent probability, bonds will earn below their historical average-90% probability, and investors will be late to the game-99%.”  Fabulous, now I’ll be able to sleep at night now knowing that my money will safe in 2013.  Wall Street has my back, yeah right…

Also, it appears that the sun will be very active in the New Year.  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: “Power grid managers and systems operators are keeping a close eye on SWPC (Space Weather Data and Products) forecasts, especially as the Sun enters an active phase of activity that peaks about every 11 years.  The next solar maximum is expected in 2013.”  I hope my bank account has an active phase of activity next year.

Here’s one for the global warming deniers, the sea levels will keep rising.  Mikhail Aristov of The Voice of Russia: “In its annual forecast for next year, the UK’s Met Office predicts that global temperatures are forecast to be 0.57C above the long-term average next year, making 2013 one of the warmest years on record.  This means that the next few decades may see a spate of catastrophic changes take place on Earth…”  Appears that our planet is entering a new “phase.”

Maybe a clairvoyant can help decipher these predictions.  According to psychic Nikki based in Toronto to the Metro News: “(U.S.) President (Barack) Obama will try to turn the economy around, but it will be hard with all the natural disasters coming.  He is in extreme danger during the next four years and he may not finish his term.  U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden has to watch health and danger also.  He could be replaced, maybe by a woman.  It will take a long time for the economy to pick up because of natural disasters and potential terrorist attacks, and wars in the Middle East and Asia. …”  Well, I hope her meetings with the mediums will result in false findings.

The above predictions exist with many more and will continue to percolate and swirl for the upcoming year.  Hopefully, I’ll live another year to debate, create, and not accept business as usual in an effort to do the best possible.  Here’s to peace, equality, safety, and love for all in the new year.  It might be greedy to ask for all.  However if one becomes true, 2013 will be a happy year indeed.

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”  Niels Bohr

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