The Sunshine State

My last memory of Florida was at the young age of five years old.  Don’t remember much but the hot weather, a 1970’s hotel swimming pool, and my potbelly bursting out of a pink swimsuit while donning a black Mickey Mouse cap.  That was thirty-three years ago, a lifetime ago, and the memories fade.  As a result, my recent trip was like a “first” visit for an art exhibit at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum.

Sunrise in Daytona Beach…

A Florida trip during the height of high stakes political furor, showcased some striking differences compared to California.  Living in the San Francisco bay area, a limited amount of political commercials air on TV.  Politicians come to our state to get money, and spend it else where.  Fine with me, if it helps win elections for the team I want to win!  In “the Sunshine State,” ads are as common as oxygen, Starbucks, and smartphones.  So when I arrived at the hotel and turned on cable TV, it was shocking what the “swing state” has to endure.  Is Barack Obama a Socialist, Marxist, born in Kenya, and the devil?  From some of the ads and commentary, apparently he is.  What a shock for this Californian gal raised in the Midwest.  This hate appears to be a veil for some good ole fashioned racism.  Unbelievable!

The “right” side of history…

Luckily, Hurricane Sandy didn’t do much damage to Florida which was my concern for opening night at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum.  Jay Wiliams from the Vero Beach Museum of Art guest curated the exhibit.  The other featured local abstract artist was Antoinette Slick.  It was a lively and engaging crowd.

Art at the museum….

The trip also included a visit to Kennedy Space Center, admiring the amazing manatees, back water fishing, and stopping by the local Obama headquarters.  The state of Florida is an interesting one: “hanging chads,” controversial presidential elections, hurricanes, retirees, alligators, wild boars, beautiful beaches, fabulous umbrella drinks, and much more.  Underneath the political craziness and drama, Florida definitely has its own flavor and personality.  Will the state avoid controversy this upcoming election?  It would be boring if it didn’t…

Manatees rock!

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