Rogue Nuns

Looking for the “rogue nun” section…

Lately, the word “rogue” has been used often in our modern lexicon.  It gained media attention when Vice President candidate Sarah Palin started using it.  In fact, she wrote a book titled Going Rogue: An American Life.  Well, it appears that the Vatican has jumped onto the media circus bandwagon to the infamous word.  The big church in Rome believes that American nuns should be classified as “rogue nuns.”

What’s next: rogue infants, rogue golden retrievers, or rogue grandmas?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of rogue is vagrant or tramp, a dishonest or worthless person, a mischievous person, a horse inclined to shirk or misbehave, an individual exhibiting a chance or an usually inferior biological variation.  Is the word  “rogue” an appropriate description for American nuns?  I don’t think so.

In April, the Vatican released a doctrinal assessment stating that the nuns were promoting radical feminism.  Yes, showing compassion to human beings no matter race, gender, economic status, and etc… is shocking!  According to Andrew Riggio of Yahoo: “It also said they were spending too much time promoting social justice and not enough opposing abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage.”  What would Jesus say about this?

Mr. Pope, by demonizing nuns who help the poor and disfranchised… it appears bad, distasteful, sexist, and demoralizing.  The negativity isn’t going to help in recruiting new members.  In fact, it turns people off calling heroic nuns names.  Last time I checked the news, no stories exist of nuns molesting children.

There’s been protests across America supporting their work.  Recently, an organization representing 80% of American nuns, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, met the Vatican to discuss the accusations and name-calling.  How will the Vatican save face on this public relations disaster?

Maybe it’s time for the American Catholics to break from the Vatican.  I’m sure they don’t rely on money from the United States (sense my cynicism?).  Sounds like some “Sister” social justice to me…

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