Sea Jellies

Ode to the abstracted jellyfish…

At 81 years old young, Arline Fisch is an inspiration.  Not a household name but a woman who spent her life dedicated to art.  Ms. Fisch is an artist who weaves metal into amazing jewelry, sculpture, art, and installations.

She studied at Skidmore College and the University of Illinois.  Ms. Fisch received three Fulbright grants, taught at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, and was declared a “living treasure of California” by the California State Assembly.   Fisch’s art has been featured at the Pasadena Museum in California, Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York, Museum Bellerive in Zurich, the Vatican Museum in Rome, National Museum of Modern Art in Japan, Oakland Museum in California, and many others.

Arline Fisch mimics the textures of weaving into metal and the jewelry of ancient cultures influence her art.  According to the Smithsonian American Art Museum: “Fisch has played a central role in the revitalization of jewelry as a contemporary art form.  Her outstanding contribution has been the introduction of weaving techniques into the field of jewelry making.  Employing flattened gold and silver wire, she knits, braids, plaits, and crochets lightweight, flexible forms with dense, light-reflective patterns, subtle textures, and glowing color.  She first encountered artistic jewelry in the Egyptian collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which she frequently visited as a child.”

Currently, Ms. Fisch has an exhibit titled Sea Jellies at the Monterey Museum of Art till July 22, 2012.  The art exhibit includes a 100 piece installation of abstracted jellyfish inspired pieces constructed out of metal wire and fiber.  A video of real life jellyfish is projected on the background of the installation to create a bridge between nature and the art.  Fisch to the San Francisco Chronicle: “I love their color and the way they move and their form…. I just tried to capture that sensation.”

Here’s to another 81 years of art making to Ms. Fisch…

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