Batgirl or batboy?
Batgirl or batboy?

Alexis Busch was Major League Baseball’s first batgirl for the San Francisco Giants.  Barry Bonds hit his 500th career home run on April 17, 2001 and Ms. Busch greeted him at home plate.  Baseball was undoubtedly in her DNA and her father was a former Giants executive vice president.  She played baseball and didn’t allow her gender to stop her from enjoying the sport.

Alexa founded the organization Lady Baseball in 2010 to focus on expanding women in competitive hardball programs.  According to the Lady Baseball website: “As an advocate for the progression of Women’s Baseball Development, Alexis is dedicated to facilitating adequate opportunities for girls and women to compete with one another on the baseball field.  She operates Lady Baseball, helping to lead the effort for cultivating competitive female baseball programs both nationally and internationally.”

Ms. Busch had a passion for baseball and sailing.

Recently, five sailors were killed in a yacht racing accident near the Farallon Islands, which is located 27 miles outside of the Golden Gate on April 14th. Their boat named the Low Speed Chase was overcome by large swells of water and crashed against the island’s rocks.  The crew was competing in a 58 nautical mile contest called the Full Crew Farallones Race that starts near the Marina Green in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, Alexis Busch was one of the sailors killed.

According to San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer in the San Jose Mercury News: Alex had that feeling for baseball … that magnet-like attachment to the game.”  Ms. Busch’s love for the game mirrored her passion for gender equality.  Being a batgirl would be just another part of the game not an anomaly.

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