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Are you part of the "club"?
Are you part of the "club"?

The Augusta National Golf Club hosts the yearly Masters tournament every year the first week in April in Augusta, GA since 1933.  It’s one of four major golf championships in the professional sport.  It has many traditions including a champion dinner every Tuesday before the tournament, the winner is allowed to wear a green jacket, large cash prizes, and no women are allowed to join the club.

Looks like the club will have some financial incentive to change their rules.  Virginia Rometty will be the new head at IBM which is a major corporate sponsor of the Masters.  IBM’s last four male CEOs were given club memberships and a special green jacket to wear.  Ms. Rometty is still waiting for her green jacket.

Will the Augusta National Golf Club disrespect the female CEO of one of its major sponsors?  Most likely.  Why change if you continue to get sponsors for your event!  I would like to see IBM pull out of the Masters.  With no surprise,  ATT and Exxon Mobil sponsor the all male event also.

Do women workers clean the toilets or serve fancy cocktails at the Masters?

Regardless, excluding women is a cut in profits.  157 million women in the United States represent 51% of the population and only spend $4 trillion annually.  As a result, the Masters is missing out on money.

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: President Obama and Mitt Romney agree that the all male club should allow women to join.  It might be the only thing they will agree on.

My guess is that Masters will only change if it affects them financially not because it’s the right thing to do.  So let the Masters have their fancy golf greens.  Women will keep our green (money) in our pockets.

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