The “art” of…

This is good art...
An example of art.

What is art?  It’s a term that is “loosely” used to describe just about everything and anyone can claim loudly and proudly to be an “artist.”

According to the Merrian-Webster dictionary, the word “art” has multiple meanings.  It can be a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation.  Or maybe it can be a branch of learning and an occupation requiring knowledge or skill.  Art can also be the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.

Could art be defined as a skillful plan?  Well depends on who you talked to.  If you asked art critic Robert Hughes, Andy Warhol or Damien Hirst lack talent.  He would argue that money has infected the definition of  “art.”  Financial “gravitas” has bought taste, style, influence, power, and redefined the definition of art.

Everything seems to be an “art”:

  1. The art of war.  Got military industrial complex?
  2. The art of cooking.  For whatever diet-crazed-wave your traveling, the art of cooking becomes a trendy accessory and a multi–million dollar industry.
  3. The art of conversation.  In a speed dating and text dominated world, “conversation” has become a dying art.
  4. The art of happiness.  Yes, please go buy the self-help books and attend the motivational seminars!  It will lead to rainbows, unicorns, and money growing on trees.
  5. The art of listening.  What?
  6. The art of negotiation.  Yes it’s fun to feel like you’re not getting screwed…
  7. The art of public speaking.  Does this really matter anymore?  George Bush was president.
  8. The art of trolling.  Yes being an internet irritant and provoking anger is an art form!
  9. The art of the perfect sales pitch.  I’ll have to consult with QVC on this one.
  10. The art of enduring another day on planet earth.  Could this be our most important art form or practice for the human race?

Call me old fashioned but art goes beyond mere existence and hedge fund accounts.  “I’m breathing therefore I’m special!” proclaims a new generation of reality television stars and techno music ringtones.  I’ll just continue my “art” of…

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