Peace to me is…

What is the meaning of peace in your opinion?
What is the meaning of peace in your opinion?

Last week, I watched the YouTube video of Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowwee.  She is a social and peace worker in Liberia who has fought and organized protests against the rape of women and children in war.  A single mother of four children, Gbowwee provided for her family while also obtaining a graduate degree.  An amazing woman whose determination and work ethic makes her the perfect role model for our global community.

In the Nobel Peace Center video, Gbowwee is asked: “What is the meaning of peace in your opinion?”  Her response is refreshingly honest and haunting.  Gbowwee eloquently lists various definitions of peace and the strength in her voice is evidence of survival.


“Peace is a quiet of environment with an absence of violence…”


“Peace for me is a respect for everyone’s right to live and express themselves and to be what they want to be…”

Here’s the video:

In return, I asked myself the same question:

Peace to me is no violence.

Peace to me is safety.

Peace to me is kindness.

Peace to me is safe and affordable healthcare.

Peace to me is education for everyone.

Peace to me is the end to poverty.

Peace to me is clean air to breathe.

Peace to me is safe drinking water.

Peace to me is honesty.

Peace to me is freedom.

Peace to me is something I want to give to you…

In 2012, the American presidential election will be in full swing.  It would be refreshing for people from diverse backgrounds to strive, investigate, and work for peace.  Synonyms for peace include calm, stillness, tranquility, silence, harmony, and serenity.  Through all our differences, peace is a virtue our global community can agree on.

What does peace mean to you?

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