The Innovation Crawl

I thought that support for the arts had dried up like the Mojave Desert, however there might be a sliver of hope.  President Obama issued a White House proclamation making October National Arts and Humanities Month.  The tradition started in 1993, to ensure that that the arts aren’t forgotten in society and become a vital part to sparking innovation in our economy.  Investment in education and creativity in business are key factors to a “healthy” society.

According to the White House proclamation: “We must recognize the contributions of the arts and humanities not only by supporting the artists of today, but also by giving opportunities to the creative thinkers of tomorrow.  Educators across our country are opening young minds, fostering innovation, and developing imaginations through arts education.  Through their work, they are empowering our Nation’s students with the ability to meet the challenges of a global marketplace.  It is a well-rounded education for our children that will fuel our efforts to lead in a new economy where critical and creative thinking will be the keys to success.”

Any type of investment on American soil is currently being held hostage at the federal level, only for political gains.  I believe the advancement and ingenuity of the American people is worth the investment.  That includes educating children so they become competitive international workers of the future.

Did you know that American children rank 14th for reading skills, 17th for science, and 25th in the world for mathematics?  We have depleted funding so much that our education system is barely surviving.  Go to any school in the toughest neighborhoods, and the condition of the building is unacceptable.  Could this be war on our children’s future?

We can’t forget about solar and wind energy investment.  China is at record pace to become the world’s green energy leader and they have easily passed us.  Three years ago we were first but Congress is avoiding any investment like the Black Plague.  As a result, old, current, and future jobs are being shipped overseas.

We bailed out the banks, defunded education, and are committed to endless wars.  I think our government should invest in the creativity of the American people.  Believe it or not, it’s a safer bet than investing on Wall Street.

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