Protest This

Unrest is starting to spread throughout the country.  Have you’ve watched the news lately?  Not FOX News, they are making the protesters look like a bunch of washed-up hippies or unemployed “losers.”  The protests are diverse like our nation: all nationalities, male, female, students, teachers, young, old, employed, under-employed, and unemployed!  This recession/depression doesn’t discriminate.

I think citizens are frustrated, angry, and disillusioned by what was supposed to be the “American” dream.  If don’t have a trust fund, worked hard, went to school, followed the rules, then you were guaranteed a part in the awesome middle class.  Sorry but you were wrong!  The rules changed without notice and without feedback from citizens.

Maybe the latest Bank of America fee was the last straw?  Let’s get this straight: taxpayers bailout bank, bank makes it harder to get loans, bank doesn’t work with families wanting to stay in homes, and (the frosting on the cake) bank adds an additional fee for your money.  Shouldn’t the bank be paying customers for “free” money to loan out?  Remember boys and girls, your money isn’t really your money.

Let’s not forget our CEO’s!  The average CEO is paid 340 times more than 1 worker while wages fell consistently for average Americans.  Banks and CEO’s did very well during our economic downtown with absolutely no accountability.  If we behaved the same way, we would be in jail.

When we bailed out the banks there should have been some stipulations:

  1. You can’t charge the lenders (Americans) a fee for their money.  I would love to charge my bank a monthly fee for my mortgage.  Does that make any sense?  Didn’t think so.
  2. You can’t lay off Americans and move jobs overseas.  We gave you the money to invest here!
  3. Your CEOs, stockholders, and etc… don’t get a bonus or raise (paid by the taxpayers) for flushing the economy down the toilet.
  4. A thank you note from the banks would have been nice.  It could have gone something like this:  Thank you American citizens for bailing me out.  I will remember this in good and bad times.  Your loyalty will not be forgotten.  Because of your help, I’ll be sending you and your family a monthly fruit of the month club basket!  Enjoy and thanks again, The Bank  P.S. CEO and I would love to have you and your family over for dinner some time soon…

Money and politics can be a difficult discussion especially with family and friends.  So here are some simple talking points:

  1. The majority of protestors are “average” Americans, not “weirdos.” They could be your neighbors!
  2. CEO’s want to be paid at least 10000 to 1 by 2020.  Their goal is to tank the economy again, that way we can pay for their bonuses!
  3. Wall Street will do whatever it takes to suck out every dollar from the American people.  When the finish here on planet Earth, they will move onto other planets.

In conclusion, the lack of trickle-down economics helped fueled this populous anger.  American citizens have awoken and the protests have given birth to a movement.  Just like greed, it won’t be going away anytime soon.

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