Jenny E. Balisle at LRoss Gallery in Memphis, TN.
Jenny E. Balisle at LRoss Gallery in Memphis, TN.

Osmosis can be defined as a gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas.  Eventually it can lead to the “aha” moments in our lives.  I believe that concept can transcend beyond science but also into our professional and personal lives.  However, life’s experiences can make you aware, enlightened, skeptical, or cynical of this notion.

Let’s try this scenario…  Perhaps I move to Italy and live there for five years with English being my native language.  Would I have to learn the language before the move?  Not necessarily.  Overtime without any doubts, I would learn Italian by absorbing the everyday experiences.  It could be by necessity or by osmosis.  Ten years ago, I went to Italy and picked up some of the local phrases in less than two weeks.

On the other hand, professional osmosis could occur when a person has worked years in a trade or profession and comes to the conclusion the “reality” behind their motivation.  For artists, it could happen through years in the studio working on a specific concept.  The end result could be a new definition of the work or complete break from it.  Environment also influences the outcome and can be “absorb” into an art practice.  Maybe that’s the reason why many artists are so sensitive to their surroundings?

Personal osmosis occurs similarly to professional osmosis.  However, the effects can be similar to a spiritual experience.  It can be a moment that represents the years of one’s life that culminates into a new dialogue.  Take a deep breath, this is deep stuff…

Why talk about osmosis?

Osmosis is the title for an exhibit that is currently on view at L Ross Gallery in Memphis till September 30th.  I chose the title because of the shifting of studio locations, a change of practice for starting and finishing art, and a new focus on nature’s patterns.

My art begins with a mark or line inspired by patterns found in natural or manmade environments.  The collection of drawings and paintings at the gallery represent a survey of thoughts and layers that merge together to mimic occurrences in the physical world.

As a result, a change is coming and that’s a good thing.  Salute!  That is cheers to health and well-being in Italian…

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