Sanity Goes on a Diet

Hey parents, want a great book to get your young daughter to stay slim, happy, successful, and possibly develop an eating disorder?  Well, I have the answer for you.  Mr. Paul M. Kramer has written a new children’s book titled Maggie Goes on a Diet.  The book is about a chubby girl who is bullied by other kids because of her weight.  The main character Maggie exercises, loses weight, and becomes the school’s soccer star!  Oh how perfect the world would be, if everything worked liked this.  Surprise, it doesn’t…

Do kids need to worry about diets?  No, it’s a parent’s job to provide healthy alternatives and to teach their children good choices.  A little girl should not be counting calories and freaking out about exercise.  I understand that childhood obesity is on the rise and a problem.  However, vilifying a child for not having the proper resources or knowledge is wrong.  Helping parents make good choices and providing affordable healthy options at the grocery store is key.

The book is wrong at so many levels.  First, the author is a heavier older gentleman who doesn’t appear to hang out at the gym.  His size doesn’t bug me because I’m far from perfect.  However, I want to know why Mr. Kramer is the authority to tell little girls to lose weight.  Ever hear of the old saying “if you talk the talk, you better walk the walk”?  Mr. Kramer’s intention might be good but the result is horrifying.

Second, girls endure much pressure to be thin and beautiful.  For example, look at a girl’s daily environment.  Mattel’s Barbie doll and her unrealistic measurements, don’t represent a “normal’ woman.  However, the pressure to look perfect has become mainstream through commercial advertising, marketing, and television content.

Thirdly, diets can trigger eating disorders if a young girl’s personal image is unhealthy.  My concern is the degree of how extreme a little girl could take dieting.  No amount of weight loss or exercise will be enough to be perfect or popular.  Let’s face it, there is more pressure on women to stay skinny, look pretty, and to never age.

Lastly, where is the book titled Johnnie Goes on Diet?  Eating healthy and taking good care isn’t based by gender.  Girls and women are bombarded by society’s pressure to be skinny and it would be refreshing to see a balanced approach.  We don’t need a Chubby Girls can Lose Weight for Dummies book.

Losing weight doesn’t hold the key to instant happiness.  If I lose the weight, everyone will like me.  If I lose the weight, I will be rich.  If I lose the weight, I will find safety and security.  The truth is weight control doesn’t guarantee any of these things.  Living life in balance is the best bet.  Teaching girls and boys to make healthy and smart decisions, physically and psychologically is key.

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