Micro to Macro

Opening of Micro to Macro at JK Gallery, Los Angeles.
Opening night of Micro to Macro at JK Gallery, Los Angeles.

For the last few days, I’ve been in Los Angeles for an art exhibit at JK Gallery.  Southern California has a different feel from my home turf of Northern California.  That’s good because I like both areas for different reasons.  As an artist, different venues expand and inspire my perspective.

JK gallery is located in the Culver City Art District.  The area represents 32 art galleries and is located in one convenient area.  The opening was on Saturday July 16th and the turnout was surprising high with the 405 Freeway closure (busiest freeway in the United States) for construction improvements.  I was expecting a complete traffic disaster but it was survivable.

The gallery’s space is clean and simple with a beautiful exposed wood beamed ceiling.  Perfect to showcase art without any clutter.  Mari Andrews’ installation and art pieces spanned the left wall.  On the back wall, Emily Clawson’s encaustic installation captured your eye when you entered the gallery.  My pen and ink drawings and paintings were placed on the right wall of the gallery.  Overall, a good use of space to have an interesting dialogue.

Mari Andrews came up with the Micro to Macro title.  After much deliberation, we all agreed on it.  For artists to all agree, is an amazing feat.  The exhibit investigates relationships of patterns found in our natural environments up close and far away.  The patterns can be found in our art with different disciplines and perspectives.  The title proved to be appropriate.

This isn’t the first time I shown with Mari Andrews and Emily Clawson.  We exhibited together in 2009 at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in San Francisco.  The second time was in 2010 at the Art Museum of Los Gatos and currently at JK Gallery in Los Angeles.  All three locations vary from a nonprofit, an art museum, and a commercial art gallery.  Each venue has a different feel, aesthetic, vision, and community.  However, the common thread is the art and commitment we share.

Here’s to many more years…

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