Walmart and Women

Corporate discrimination off on a technicality, sounds more like a great pitch for a movie than reality.  Unfortunately, it’s the latest controversial decision handed down by the Supreme Court.  On June 20th, the court blocked a massive sex discrimination lawsuit against Walmart.  Not surprising, since this is the same court that has granted corporations the same rights as individuals (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010).

According to The Huffington Post: “By a 5-4 vote along ideological lines, the court said there were too many women in too many jobs at Wal-Mart to wrap into one lawsuit.”  Discrimination and sexism can have deep systematic roots within a corporation.  The majority of the court “assumes” that isn’t possible because too many women work at Walmart.

Where does this leave American workers today?

It appears that workers lose and Wall Street/corporations win with no accountability.  For American workers, the ruling will make it harder to fight against big money, legal teams, and lobbyists.  If you’re working a minimum wage job and want to fight discrimination, would you have the resources to fight?  No, unless you have an unlimited trust fund to support a legal battle.

Mark Sherman of the Associated Press: “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, writing for the court’s four liberal justices, said there was more than enough to unite the claims.”  Luckily, the small group of women who brought this case to the Supreme Court have decided to keep fighting forward.  If they don’t, it would give employers the green light to treat employees anyway without consequences.  As a result, discrimination would become an everyday accepted occurrence and this must never be tolerated.

Bottom line: Walmart’s lawyers found a loophole that will make it harder for a large class of workers to sue an employer.  As a result, families are tired of falling between the cracks and government backed corporate welfare.  In America, we have the ability and voice to fight for what’s right.

Let’s keep it that way…

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