Hoary Squeezy Conversation

The paintings of Annie Lapin ooze energy of past and present brushstrokes with a hint of art historical references.  Her color palette is interesting and academic, if intended or unintended.  Ms. Lapin uses hairdryers, spray paint, and paints on the floor or against the wall.  She wants the artistic painting process to unravel in front of her.

According to Leah Ollman of The Los Angeles Times in reference to Lapin’s art: “These canvases possess an energy so relentless it begins to feel a bit suspect — more affectation, perhaps, than affect.  Many of the surfaces are busy in the way everyday, plugged-in life is busy, with an unproductive, self-important freneticism that feeds on itself, regenerating with false urgency.”  Lapin’s paintings appear alive and full of energy.

With art titles like The All-Over Inside, The Frozen Aftervisions of Virtue, The Glory Shapey ThingThe Pure Billow AnimateThe Landly Hut FlowHut Made of OutdoorsThe New Anomaly ColossusHoary Squeezy Conversation, and Trivial Trophies the viewer is allowed to embrace the cynicism.  Ms. Lapin’s art is the building of something familiar then watching and participating in the destruction of it.

Lapin’s painting inspiration references art history and religion.  It’s clear in her choice of compositions and scale.  Lapin: “I realized I wanted to make things rather than study them.”  Since the age of twelve she dreamed of being an archaeologist, today she practices art and its affect on our culture.

Ms. Lapin currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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