Two Compasses

Downtown Art Gallery in Los Angeles.
Two Compasses: Jenny E. Balisle & Erynn Richardson at the Downtown Art Gallery in Los Angeles.

Last week, I flew down to Los Angeles for an art install, opening, and exhibit at the Downtown Art Gallery.  The title of the exhibit called Two Compasses: Jenny E. Balisle & Erynn Richardson is up till May 5th. The Downtown Art Gallery is a non-profit exhibition space that showcases tall clean white walls and matching utilitarian concrete floors.  A perfect space to let art breathe and be free of clutter.

My husband, an installer, and I mulled over options to display a 30 foot long drawing.  We could pin the piece to the wall but wanted to avoid holes.  The final decision was to use magnets to hold up the piece.  First attach a washer on the wall with tape, then a small silver magnet would be exposed and hold the large drawing.  All three of use got the piece up and left for the day.

However, the next day the piece fell from the wall.  Luckily no damage but we were left wondering how was the piece going to stay up secure without putting holes in the drawing.  The solution was creating tabs with archival tape and pinning the piece on the tabs with clear push-pins.  As a result, it worked, looked clean, and unassuming.

The art was up and Two Compasses: Jenny E. Balisle & Erynn Richardson was ready for the opening.  Exploring the meaning behind the exhibit, I found the title to be interesting and appropriate.  A compass can be defined as a device used to determine geographic direction; it can also be a device for describing a circle.  The definition can include an enclosing line or boundary, a restricted space, and a scope of understanding, perception, or authority.

Overall, the title was subtle and interesting for the art showcased in the exhibit.  Erynn Richardson’s work is cellular and investigates patterns.  At the art opening, Erynn and I did a brief artist talk explaining our practice and background.

If in LA, please find your way to the exhibit…

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