The Talk

Jenny E. Balisle artist talk at Hang Art Gallery

Disclaimer, this isn’t a blog entry about the daytime television show with the same title.  Last Sunday, I did an artist talk at Hang Art Gallery in San Francisco.  A group of artists, friends, family, and collectors were present.

At the talk, I discussed my background including the experience of growing up in the small town of Stevens Point, WI.  My undergraduate studies were at the local university and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to explore my art practice.   After working in cable advertising after my undergraduate experience for two years, graduate school appeared to be an appealing option of necessity.

I thought UW-Madison would be the obvious choice however the rejection letter meant it wasn’t so.  The choice came down to Norte Dame‘s one year waiting list or the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.  The choice was clear, I needed a new perspective and environment.

The Academy of Art College (now the Academy of Art University) experience was an interesting one.   Pushed into a figurative based educational model was foreign and difficult for me.  My education training was backwards and the potential outcome was a terrifying thought.  Did I make a mistake in my education choices?  Was this just a waste of time and investment?

In the end, it ended up being the best for my art practice.  The struggle of figurative art increased the quality of my nonfigurative art.  It refined and defined my art style.

This was only the start of the discussion at the talk.  The journey of being an artist is a dialogue that lasts a lifetime.

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