Frick’s Blocks

Little blocks of various sizes, arraigned in a uniform fashion without looking brand new create an amazing art puzzle.  The blocks could look like an oversized microchip but that would be too sterile and safe.  For artist Laurie Frick, charting life’s systems is her life and art practice.

According to Leah Ollman of the LA Times: “Frick has been charting her own sleep patterns over time, and has also made use of a colleague’s records of his daily activities, tracked in 10-minute intervals over a five-year period.”  Ms. Frick uses old eyeglass wooden trays, weathered wood, cardboard, postcards, junk-mail, paperback book covers, ink, and watercolor in her art.

Why should we care about Frick’s tracking of life’s patterns?  Perhaps it makes us stop and think about routine, data, and how we analyze.  Frick investigates these patterns then characterizes them.  Today, number crunching is figured out by a digital gadget that gives answers immediately.  Frick’s art is labor intensive, slow, deliberate, and interesting.

Her art gives us the same answer but with added depth.

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