Protests and Women

Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, and Iran are currently experiencing protests from small to large.  A common thread between these nations besides the protests is the treatment of women.

Ritual sexual mutilation of females is common in rural areas of Eqypt, Oman, Somalia, Mauritania, and Yemen. Iran’s record on women’s rights has been questionable: from domestic abuse to stoning deaths.  In Egypt, Oman, Yemen, and Jordan married women must get permission from their husband to travel abroad.  In Saudi Arabia, women must get written permission from their closet male relative to leave the country or travel within the country.

In 2006, UNIFEM did a comprehensive study in Syria regarding the treatment of women.  From their website: “It is hoped that the report will bring the issue out into the open, and stimulate dialogue on topics such as honour killings, domestic abuse, forced marriage and sexual assault.”

Here’s the UNIFEM study that details the mistreatment of women throughout the world:

The Egyptian people have demanded a new government and change.  Perhaps other countries will follow.  How will women fare in the aftermath after these political uprisings?  Hopefully in a place of respect, safety, and freedom.

Guardian’s Twitter Interactive Map of the World’s Protest:

The Protest Links:–374524.html—-116111529.html,-protests-spread

Women Right’s Links:

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