White Walls


De-installation of the Factor XX exhibit at the Art Museum of Los Gatos

Amazing how fast time goes by.  Two years ago, I came up with idea to showcase women artists that shared a similar aesthetic value and work ethic.  The result was an amazing and interesting exhibit at the Art Museum of Los Gatos.

This weekend the Factor XX exhibit had its final curtain call and closed down.  Artists Mari Andrews, Mel Prest, Nancy White, Klari Reis, and Jenny E. Balisle were present for the de-installation.  The remaining artists had a professional installer package and secure their artwork for delivery back to their studios.

Artwork is fragile and requires attention to details to avoid any damage.  Thanks to years of experience, the artists utilized specific methods on how to handle their art.  Overall, the process went smoothly and on schedule.

Taking down exhibits is much easier and faster than installing.  The planning that went into the show took years but only minutes to take down.  At the end of the afternoon, the Museum was quiet with bare white walls.

However, I left with positive memories that will only flourish into new and exciting experiences…

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  1. I hope you can take the show to other museums. It is a fantastic collection of work by an amazing group of women artists. Thanks for your hard work.Linda

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