The Talk

Factor XX Panel Talk at the Fisher Middle School in Los Gatos

Artists are interesting individuals when it comes to communication.  For example, panel discussions can give insight and provide information.  When you combine artists and conversation, a lively dialogue emerges.

That is what happened last Thursday night at the Fisher Middle School in Los Gatos.  The panel discussion included artists: Carol Ladewig, Amy Trachtenberg, Mari Andrews, Jenny E. Balisle, Nancy White, Mel Prest, and Lea Feinstein.  Cathy Kimball, Executive Director of the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art moderated by asking poignant, deliberate, and intelligent questions of the panel.

Ms. Kimball directed the artists to discuss their connections in practice within the Factor XX exhibition.  The concept of melding simplicity and complexity was a commonality among the artists.  A theme of line, mathematics, architecture, process, and space emerged.

The art of the Factor XX artists tell a story of gradual transitions within a structured art practice.

As a result, the discussion related the works while leaving room for exploration and interpretation.

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