An Abomination that Leads to Hell…

Amber Yust of San Francisco went to the DMV to change her name on her driver’s license.  So why the big deal?

According to Cecilia Vega of ABC news: “A few days later a letter was mailed to her house.  The writer claims to be the DMV clerk who helped her and then went on to say being transgender is ‘evil.’  He urged her not to go through with the transition from man to woman.  He said Yust is going to hell.”

Good news, DMV worker Thomas Demartini, who wrote the offending letter to Amber Yust resigned.  However, shouldn’t have Mr. Demartini been fired by the DMV for his behavior?  Why did it take so long?  This wasn’t the first time Mr. Demartini harassed a customer with his “moral” authority.

Personal letters from a government worker is highly unprofessional and stepping past many boundaries.  According to Erin Sherbert of The San Francisco Examiner: “Demartini breached a DMV employee confidentiality agreement when he used Yust’s personal information to contact her at her home.”

I believe people are judged daily and don’t need to be harassed while running “simple” errands.  Mr. Demartini should have been fired right away instead of being put into a bureaucracy-processing nightmare.  The DMV should be embarrassed and ashamed of their actions.

What makes America great is that citizens have the freedom to express themselves and not be judged by race, religion, gender, beliefs, and etc…  Let’s keep that way.

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