Art Speak

At the December 9th Factor XX opening, the artists had a chance to talk about their art and practice.  Art Museum of Los Gatos curator, Catherine Politopoulos, asked all artists present to elaborate on the exhibit.

Ms. Politopoulos started the discussion by introducing the show, explaining the concept, and sharing her personal observations.  The talk started in Gallery 1 where Jenny E. Balisle, Sharon Chinen, and Lea Feinstein shared insights about the exhibit.

The talk moved to Gallery 3 where artist Lea Feinstein talked eloquently about Klari Reis’s art.  Carol Ladwig then discussed her art practice and motivation behind her painting: Taking My Own Advice.

In Gallery 2, Nancy White and Mel Prest discussed their art and practice.  Mel Prest discussed her titles and concept.  Nancy White talked about her process and inspiration.

The group moved to Gallery 4 where artists Jenny E. Balisle, Lorene Anderson, Mari Andrews, and Amy Trachtenberg discussed their art.  Ms. Trachtenberg provided new insights regarding the installation piece: Slip Zone. Mari Andrews shared her installation process and details.  Lorene Anderson discussed the inspiration behind her painting, Ersilia.

I then shared insights regarding the motivation behind the show and my art process.  A common thread indeed did emerge…

Here are some videos from the talk:

The Links:

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