Season’s Greetings


JBP.1.9.28484 Layers of Oil Paint, Mediums on Wood Panel 84 x 84 inches

As another holiday comes and go with a New Year approaching, it’s a perfect time for reflection.  With the Factor XX exhibit currently a reality, it made me contemplate how I got there.  Two years ago, I had an idea to celebrate and showcase female artists.  Instead of excuses and complaining, I decided to take action.

The timing would be interesting.  December 2008 was the fall of the economy and uncertainty prevailed.  The art market fell apart for emerging to mid-career artists.  Blue-chip or dead artists were the hot commodities.  Galleries started downsizing or shutting down.  Funding for the arts disappeared with non-profit organizations.  There was going to be a new reality.

Old students, new students, artists, friends, and strangers were contacting me.  They were asking me questions like: How am I going to survive?  How am I going to still make art?  Will anyone want my art?  How do I get into galleries?  Why isn’t my art selling?  I lost my job, how am I going to pay back my student loans?

Of course, I didn’t have the answers but people were looking for someone to point them in the right direction.  However, they would have to discover the answers for themselves.  If you have an idea or dream, do whatever possible to make it happen.  Take the correct steps even though it will be difficult and don’t make excuses.

This new economy has provided a new truth with many challenges.  It’s made everyone more appreciative and respectful for what they have.  This is a time to work harder and not give up.  Be grateful for every opportunity and don’t be judgmental.

If this is your only chance, then make it your best effort possible.

Live with no regrets and here’s to 2011!

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