Truth and Words

It appears that textbooks don’t provide only facts regarding history but can also have a bias and outdated standards.  This can result in information either being deliberately or unknowing being left out.  Who regulates what is put into textbooks?

In college, I took for granted what was written because of the financial commitment.  If I was paying a high tuition, shouldn’t I be getting the “facts”?  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Recently, I read an ARTnews article by Alexandra Peers titled:  What’s wrong with art-history textbooks? It explores the old standards that are being used in today’s art schools.

According to Peers: “College art-history textbooks are undergoing an extreme makeover.  Publishers and editors, stung by criticism that they have lost touch with their young readership and driven by market forces that may have little to do with fresh artistic scholarship, are literally rewriting art history—more often and more aggressively than ever before.”

Similarly in today’s political climate, school boards are dictating what makes history or not.  I want the facts not a rewrite.  For example, the Texas Board of Education is omitting certain historical moments they deem inappropriate.

Is this indoctrination with a dash of political ideology?

In order to stay current stay correct.  Facts can be interrupted but first give me the chance to do so…

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