Amy Trachtenberg talk at Factor XX opening

Art openings come and go but others leave a lasting impression. Sunday afternoon’s opening for the Factor XX exhibit was memorable and well worth the effort.  The day started with Art Museum of Los Gatos curator Catherine Politopoulos introducing the exhibit in Gallery 1.  She spoke briefly then asked me to elaborate on the motivation behind the exhibit.

Here’s the show statement:

Selecting these specific women artists required a great deal of contemplation and reasoning.  First, I wanted to bring attention to nonfigurative female artists who share the same work ethic, commitment to the arts, and consistent, high-quality output.  Another key factor was their ability to keep up a strong studio practice while maintaining many other roles.

I also focused on women with a similar abstract aesthetic.  As the group of artists took shape, a pattern or voice came into focus.  Although each woman employs different mediums, from installation to painting, they all demonstrate similar sensitivity and distinctly styled surfaces.

The artists vary in age, education, and background. They didn’t attend the same art schools or grow up in the same neighborhoods, and they aren’t represented by the same galleries. It became clear early on that diversity would be key to the success of the show.

As an artist myself, I have often felt that women aren’t offered equal opportunities in this industry, and I wanted to be an advocate for their advancement.  After two years of self-reflection, organizing, researching, and finally getting the nerve to put this together, I decided to take action to support quality women artists.  Throughout my investigation, a common thread emerged throughout the group: quality has no boundaries.

Jenny E. Balisle

Artists Sharon Chinen, Lea Feinstein, Carol Ladewig, Nancy White, Mel Prest, Amy Trachtenberg, Lorene Anderson, Mari Andrews, and myself were present for the talk.  It was fascinating listening to the commonalities of our art practice through our diverse backgrounds.  A voice truly came into focus.

For that reason alone, the adventure has only begun…

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