Chaos to Clarity

Artist Klari Reis installing art for the exhibit.

Last weekend was installation time for the Factor XX exhibition at the Art Museum of Los Gatos.  Honestly, I wondered how would everything come together?  Would 2 studio visits, research, and a vision be sufficient?  I had many questions but hoped for the correct answers.  11 artists, varying backgrounds and different art practices would merge together to form an exciting exhibit.

Of course, it was challenge but the group worked together well.  Some exhibits show the stress of strain and exhaustion.  However, the Factor XX artists worked together with respect and shared ideas in a honest manner.  I couldn’t ask for better.

Saturday was the first day of installation that led the framework for the rest of the exhibit.  The artists worked on securing their pieces and tailoring them to the venue’s space.  The result was cohesive and not disconnected.

Sunday was the second half of the artists installing their work.  A professional installer came in also to help fine tune and hang the heavier pieces properly.  As the team went through, we worked on the details to make sure the space showcased the art perfectly.

Monday the lighting designer came in to highlight the pieces properly.  Light used correctly makes a huge difference in presentation.  Having the correct light bulbs, fixtures, and setup is essential.  The visual experience is dramatically improved for the viewer and artist.

It’s been well worth the time and effort.

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