What Are You Thankful For?


With the start of the holiday season right around the corner, I can’t help to think about how different people define the word thankful.  The dictionary defines the term as feeling gratitude or glad about something.  However in this hard economic climate, do we have to dig deep for what we are thankful for?

It’s hard to put a tangible meaning to thankfulness.  A new shirt can’t make me feel grateful.  Can material items represent happiness?  Yes and no.  I create objects by being an artist and hope they bring my collectors some happiness.  It’s a honor that a person would choose to live with a piece of art I’ve created in their home.  That is so personal, private, and special.  Do my “objects” cure cancer?  No, but I continue to create and maybe it will inspire someone to explore what’s possible.

I’m grateful that I can do my art- mentally and physically.  In some countries, being a female artist isn’t an option.  That is why I don’t take for granted being an American woman.

So I’m thankful for health, safety, security, family, friends, and the ability to create.  There isn’t anymore I would ask for.  What about you?

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