Broken Record

I’ve been writing posts for this blog for almost a year and some have been about the violence towards women throughout the world.  The other week, while getting ready in the morning I heard a disturbing story on the news.  It was a short blurb that resonated with me.

Two teenage girls in Mogadishu, Somalia were executed by the most powerful Islamist insurgents, the Shabab, because they were accused of being spies.  Trucks in loud speakers drove throughout the town ordering all the residents to watch the execution.  If anyone was caught taking photos, they would be executed.

According to reporter Mohammed Ibrahim of the Herald Tribune: “Townspeople argued that the two teenage girls were innocent.  The girls, they said, were traveling away from their families when they were caught in a cross-fire just outside Beledweyne, where both government forces and the Shabab are positioned.  Many Somalis try to reach Yemen and Saudi Arabia to find better opportunities there and escape from the violence in this country.”

The girls were uneducated and Somalia is notoriously known for their lack of education access to women.  According to UNICEF: “Education and formal classroom learning opportunities are limited and unavailable for a majority of children in Somalia… Gender-related disparities remain an area of major concern.”

I will keep saying this like a broken record but violence against women needs to stop.  Educating women is empowerment to standing up to extremists.  It helps women, children, and families while strengthening communities.

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