Tuesday will be a big election.  One race caught my attention and it was for Oklahoma governor.  It’s making history because it’s the fourth time in America that two women from major political parties are running for governor.  The Democratic challenger is Jari Askins and the Republican challenger is Mary Fallin.

However, another issue came to light during a recent debate between the two candidates.  According to the Barbara Hoberock of World Capital Bureau, Fallin was asked about the biggest differences between herself and Askins and what defines her as a candidate.

“First of all, being a mother,” Fallin said. “Having children. Raising a family.”

The Democratic challenger has never been married and has no children.  Askins’s response: “So I don’t feel like I am any less understanding of the issues of families in Oklahoma just because I have not been blessed with the opportunity to have any children of my own…”

This debate raises many questions.  Does being childless make a person unqualified for a job?  Is this a topic of debate for male candidates?  One can’t assume why one has children or not because it’s a personal matter.  What’s most important is how the job will get done and Tuesday we will see the results.

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