Levitating Art

A fan of many years, I’ve greatly admired the art of Judy Pfaff.  She has the ability to make heavy, large-scale assemblage art appear light and airy.  An amazing dichotomy that many artists have tried but unfortunately have not succeeded.

Judy Pfaff uses a wide range of materials in her art.  She uses wood, paper, tin cans, wire, metal, paper flowers, and etc…  The key is how she organizes her materials to complete pieces of work.  How does she do this?

First, I investigate the meaning behind the work.  Pfaff’s titles: Straw Into Gold, Es Possible, Said the Spider to the Fly and Frio (From the Badland Series) tease the viewer’s curiosity.  They play with nature and its relationship to man.  Her examination leads to three-dimensional assemblage that is minimalist in history but contemporary in form.

She currently has a show titled Judy Pfaff: ‘Five Decades’ at Ameringer McEnery Yohe in New York City.  According to Roberta Smith of The New York Times: “Ms. Pfaff’s liberated decorative sense may have kept her from being considered the late Post-Minimalist that she is.  If the Minimalists revealed space in all its static grandeur and the Post-Minimalists messed with it beyond belief, she has more than carried on.”

A survey of five decades delivers Pfaff recognition and respect.  It’s about time…

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