Weaving Words

Regularly I check the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle and was pleased to see an art review of Ruth Laskey.  Kenneth Baker, art critic, recently reviewed her show at the Ratio3 gallery.  It’s rare to see a female artist review online and it hit the jackpot aesthetically.

It appears that Ms. Laskey has pushed past the boundaries of nonfigurative art.  Baker: “Ruth Laskey has responded smartly to an artistic challenge with an extensive history in 20th century art: how to integrate figures and the surfaces that bear them.”  Quite a compliment and Ruth Laskey has risen to the challenge.

Laskey’s art takes a different twist to the “normal” art practice.  Baker: “Laskey went a step further by weaving her own canvas and forming simple figures by interpolating hand-dyed threads.”  Her work is a dichotomy between minimal in aesthetics but complex in craft.

However, Baker admires her craft but feels the art lacks in feeling and warmth.  After searching for an artist statement or writing from Laskey, I came up empty.  Because of the process, I wanted to find her interpretation in words.  Unfortunately, I was left on my own and reinforcing the notion that words do matter.

The links:

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