Redefining the Familiar

A black and white image of smoke rising on a tapestry, a cluster of gold chandeliers, a fireplace shaped as an owl, wood carvings, and blackened leaves are all examples of Pae White’s art.  She is a 47 year old artist born in Pasadena and currently living in Los Angeles.  White’s studio is a two car garage connected to her home filled with a collection of various materials.

Her art transcends from screen prints to installation.  Pae White looks for the art in everyday objects then reconstructs them to change their assumed function.  According to writer Mike Davis: “Through her art, White offers insights into ways in which the personal, individual and local become universal.”  She assigns new roles to familiar objects.

How does she do this?  Mike Davis: “Her work has become a medium through which she is able to forge connections between and across sensibilities and cultures, and to offer hope to her viewers through the everyday things we share.”  Making art universal is not an easy task.  However, Ms. White makes it seem effortless.

Perhaps, it’s her unique view that demands investigation.  Pae White: “A world can be as big as your fingerprint and as endless as a lagoon.”  A connection that is closer than one might believe.

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