Rothenberg’s Routine

We all have a daily routine.  It depends on what you need to do in order to feel “normal.”  For artists, it might mean getting up early, writing, walking the dog, making coffee or letting your brain slowing emerge from the morning fog.  Whatever your adventure, you are in control of what finishes and stays unfinished.

It takes time for artists to find their creative routine.  Some might call it their practice, process, or work.  Artists multi-task just like everyone else.  Writing, creating, working, cleaning, organizing, and dealing with family are all part of the cycle.

This conversation started because of watching a video on PBS’s Art21.  It showcases Susan Rothenberg, Bruce Nauman, and their dogs at their lovely New Mexico home.  Ms. Rothenberg talks about the pattern she has developed as an artist.

Susan Rothenberg’s twelve step daily schedule:

  1. Bruce Nauman makes coffee.
  2. They read in bed for 25 minutes.
  3. Sometimes they take a shower.
  4. Bruce takes care of the horses.
  5. Susan takes care of the chickens.
  6. Susan walks the dogs at 10- 10:30 am for about 45 minutes.
  7. Then she is off to the studio to look and read till noon.
  8. Noon is lunch.
  9. Back to the studio around 1:00 pm.
  10. Susan makes art till  5:30- 6:00 pm.
  11. She only works studios late at night if there is a deadline.
  12. Repeat.

Work comes and goes for Susan Rothenberg.  She makes a commitment to her art to not become repetitive.  Without her routine she wouldn’t know what else she would be doing.  I completely understand how she feels.  A schedule makes you feel safe, secure, and free to create.

What’s your routine?

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