2 Brothers and 1 Wife

In my perspective, it’s hard believe that a person would want more than one spouse. Generally speaking, it would be a headache magnified by the number of partners. Isn’t one person enough to handle?

Hari Kumar, New York Times, wrote an article telling a story of a woman from Malang, India. At age 14, Buddhi Devi married her first husband and soon afterwards his brother. This is a dying custom called polyandry. According to Kumar: “In the remote villages of this Himalayan valley, polyandry, the practice of multiple men marrying one wife, was for centuries a practical solution to a set of geographic, economic and meteorological problems.”

Because of the hard terrain, the community has been isolated for centuries. A shift in development, roads, and technology access has almost made polyandry extinct. Kumar: “Polyandry has never been common in India, but pockets have persisted, especially among the Hindu and Buddhist communities of the Himalayas, where India abuts Tibet.” Overall, it looks like polyandry is becoming a memory due to globalization.

Also in a polyandry household, the mother has the final word on all matters. For example, the mother makes decisions on household matters and deciding the paternity of the children. No one in the family questions the mother.

I’ll just stick with one husband…

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