Rosie the Riveter

Everyday I look through my kitchen window over the World War II / Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond, California.  In the past, the four Richmond Shipyards were responsible for constructing more World War II ships than any other shipyard at the time in the United States.  An incredible 747 ships where built during that time.

This amazing feat happened because women joined the workforce when men joined the armed services.  During World War II, war equipment companies signed contracts with the United States government.  Because men were being called out to war, women were needed to finish the job.

According to The Rosie the Riveter Trust: “To fill these industrial jobs, employers needed to hire a broader range of workers, including women and people of color. Women of all ages and ethnicities came to Richmond to find new, better-paying jobs throughout the war. Their labor on ‘Liberty’ and ‘Victory’ ships played a role in America’s remarkable productivity during the war years.”

Lyrics from the 1942 song titled Rosie the Riveter, written by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb, captured the spirit of the time:
While other girls attend their fav’rite
cocktail bar
Sipping Martinis, munching caviar
There’s a girl who’s really putting
them to shame
Rosie is her name

All the day long whether rain or shine
She’s a part of the assembly line
She’s making history,
working for victory
Rosie the Riveter
Keeps a sharp lookout for sabotage
Sitting up there on the fuselage
That little frail can do more than a
male will do
Rosie the Riveter

Rosie’s got a boyfriend, Charlie
Charlie, he’s a Marine
Rosie is protecting Charlie
Working overtime on the
riveting machine
When they gave her a production “E”
She was as proud as a girl could be
There’s something true about
Red, white, and blue about
Rosie the Riveter

Everyone stops to admire the scene
Rosie at work on the B-Nineteen
She’s never twittery, nervous or jittery
Rosie the Riveter
What if she’s smeared full of
oil and grease
Doing her bit for the old Lendlease
She keeps the gang around
They love to hang around
Rosie the Riveter

Rosie buys a lot of war bonds
That girl really has sense
Wishes she could purchase
more bonds
Putting all her cash into national
Senator Jones who is “in the know”
Shouted these words on the radio
Berlin will hear about
Moscow will cheer about
Rosie the Riveter!

Overall, this time period served as an example that women could do the same job as men.  Like the Westinghouse Poster, We Can Do It!

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