Contraception with a Bite

South African Dr. Sonnet Ehlers has invented a female anti-rape condom called Rape-aXe. From Dr. Ehlers website: “…after witnessing first hand the horrific aftermath of an sexual assault. She felt that something had to be done to stop this growing thread against woman…”

What is Rape-aXe? It’s device that inserts like a tampon and is comparable to a latex condom. According to CNN, the device contains jagged rows of teeth-like hooks that line its inside and attach on a man’s penis during penetration. Only a doctor can remove the device and if the man tries to take it off, it only gets tighter.

What’s the down side? Critics say that the device doesn’t prevent all types of rape. Also, will women be attacked more by men trapped by the device? Or is it a false sense of security? In a CNN interview, Victoria Kajja of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Uganda believes the device is a form of enslavement.

However, this gives women and girls an option in parts of the world were the highest rape rates exist. What other alternatives do they have for protection?  Educating society that rape is unacceptable and wrong is a start.

However, what is your definition of justice?

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