The Sunshine Lady Foundation

Recently, I saw an interview of Doris Buffett on the Charlie Rose television show.  She is Warren Buffett’s sister and inherited millions in Berkshire Hathaway stock from a family trust.  Ms. Buffett has decided to give all her money away to families in need and the working poor.  That is why she is currently promoting her book Giving It All Away: The Doris Buffett Story and created The Sunshine Lady Foundation.

From their website: “The mission of the foundation reflects the mid-western values and no-nonsense approach to decision-making that Doris grew up with in Omaha, Nebraska.   Each Sunshine Lady Foundation grant is considered an investment, and the decision to grant funds is always based on an expected successful return.  Doris Buffett is grateful to her father, Howard Buffett, and brother, Warren Buffett, not only for providing her with the wealth to fund the foundation but also for their inspirational examples of integrity and generosity.”

Doris Buffett’s personal background consists of a complicated relationship with her mother that included mental and physical abuse.  She got the brunt of the abuse compared to her brother.  Fighting the demons of her mother’s abuse led to a battle of self confidence and four failed marriages.  Interesting that the wealth she inherited came partly from a mother that treated her so horribly.  Forunately, her father’s side of the family were role models of integrity and kindness.  Today, she doesn’t have the best relationships with her children but some hope with two grandsons.

During her Charlie Rose interview, Doris states that on her epitah she would like:

“She made a difference.”

Here are the links:

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