PERSIST 10: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad with Commerce

This the 10th installment in a series of PERSIST: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad with Commerce by Peter Clothier.


What satisfies a creative type?  Often a question asked to understand the motivation behind an artist whatever medium.  I like to compare it to the Choose Your Own Adventure books.   With multiple choices in life, there can be multiple endings or beginnings.

For example Clothier cites Michael Jackson as an example.  He was a creative type with faults and addictions that led him down a destructive path.  Is there a thin line between creative genius and insanity?

Clothier states: “It’s true, I think, that certain creative minds are driven to test the limits of human behavior as well as the frontiers of the human mind.  Imagination is a faculty that enables the mind to run wild, to shake off the shackles of mundane reality, and to take us to places never before seen or dreamt of.  Insanity is not so very different.”

That is the truth.  I often think that you have to be crazy to be an artist.  The profession is not practical by any social norms and the time spent is exhausting.  However, the investment is worth the results.


How do artists define community?  Over the years, it depends on the needs of the artist.  Some people need daily interaction with other artists to bounce ideas and share thoughts.  Others are perfectly fine with the serenity of quiet time and no interruptions.  To me, the perfect balance falls between both camps.  I feel it’s positive to get out of the “art cave” a.k.a the art studio or you can lost.

For Clothier: “I have found a great deal of joy in community, and have three communities in particular in which I find the source of continuing-and much needed-support and love.”  He has found communities that fit right.  That is a gift because that takes time.  From my experience, quality is very important.

Time is precious and how we spend it should be meaningful.

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