Persist 9: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad with Commerce

This is the 9th installment in a series of PERSIST: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad with Commerce by Peter Clothier.


The Art of Outrage

Integrity is honesty, truthfulness, honor, and reliability.  I often wonder if integrity is a virtue that artists strive or think about during the creative process.  Clothier: “I trust you’ll understand that in talking about the role of the heart in telling me who you are, I am not advocating some simple-minded notion of sincerity.”  How can the role of the heart, sincerity, and integrity effect an artist?  In my experience, all in moderation.

Clothier discusses that an artist must push pass intellect in their art.  He doesn’t completely dismiss it but encourages artists to true meaning.  Artists must find their passion and fine tune it with intellect.  Anything less than honest usually falls short.

According to Clothier: “We live in a moment in history when there is more than enough to be outraged about.” Maybe the people in power should try some heart, sincerity, and integrity.  It would be refreshing.


I started this blog not having any expectations.  Would anyone care?  Does it really matter?  Will I have the time?  Just a sample of questions I’ve asked myself repeatedly.  The answer slowly emerged: yes.

Clothier: “The blogosphere, as I said, changed all the rules.  Until that moment of discovery, my power as a writer rested eventually in the hands of others.”   Blogs give each one of us our own soapbox.  Whether right or wrong, it’s honest.

Here’s hoping the path leads to validation.

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