PERSIST 8: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad With Commerce

This is the 8th installment in a series of PERSIST: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad With Commerce by Peter Clothier.


Tell Me Who You Are

As an artist and human, I’m judged.  To me, each person visits my art with their own life experience.  Clothier states: ” A painting should not mean, but be.”  I’m in agreement and believe when an artist reaches this understanding, acceptance occurs.

Art schools demand the justification of art by its students.  This takes form in artist statements, bios and resumes.  According to Clothier: “The truth is that I have not only been dismayed by the art schools’ growing emphasis on theory, I have been befuddled, bewildered, outsmarted, and left in the intellectual dust.”  In my experience, artist statements help organize and make students take accountability of their art.

How does an artist communicate their art?  Clothier: “…tell me who you are…”  Artists create and their intent can be lost in translation.  We can’t predict the viewer’s psychological needs therefore we just move forward and produce the art.

Searching for the true meaning of art in essence is asking about yourself.


Abstraction and the inner World

Life is a series of dichtomies.  Clothier: “I have learned to live comfortably enough with contradiction.”  In art, contradiction is a reality.  Without it, how would struggle exist?  There is a process for artists to find their own voice or style.  It becomes clearer with hard work and sacrifice.

Clothier states: “Enlightenment may be the eventual goal, but the path is what we have to hand: real experience.”    I think the key word is “real” not imagined or contrived experiences.   However there is no enlightenment pill or twelve step program to it.  For each person it’s different.

Stop dreaming and start doing…

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