Lack of Water=Lack of Education for Women

Fred de Sam Lazro of The News Hour with Jim Lehr, reports on the water shortage in Ethiopia and how the effort required to maintain watering points affects million of people every day.

He interviews an Ethiopian woman regarding her struggles.  “Yes, my children are always getting ill, stomach aches, stomach aches, stomach aches.”  She is concerned for her children’s health and the dangers of walking miles to a water source.

Zerihun Tekle, an Ethiopian principal, discusses the issues that female students encounter with water responsibility chores: “It cause severe problems like dropouts, coming late, repeating classes, just regressing in terms of education.  Plus, when they go further in the summer, when there’s less water, they get beaten up or abducted for marriages, which is another problem.”

What’s the solution?

One option is WaterAid.

“WaterAid’s vision is of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation.” In Africa and Asia, women are generally responsible for collecting water for their families that is generally dirty, polluted and unsanitary to drink.

This is a start in the right direction.  Women, girls, persons living with HIV/AIDS, minority groups, elderly, disabled are in desperate need for safe water and sanitation.

March 22nd is World Water Day.

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